Tom Brady: “Pretty funny” to see Bill Belichick yelling at Adam Thielen

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick told Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen to “shut the f–k up” in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game when Thielen took issue with Patriots safety Patrick Chung staying down at the end of a Latavius Murray first down run while the Patriots mulled challenging the spot.

It was an exchange that was familiar to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who said he’s been in Thielen’s spot before and got a laugh out of watching things play out during Sunday’s game.

“I’ve been on the other end of that a few times in my career,” Brady said on WEEI. “Pretty funny. … It’s competitive out there. It’s very feisty and everyone’s emotions are on their sleeves. You say something and there is just an emotional reaction. That was pretty funny.”

It’s easier to laugh at such moments when you’re putting the finishing touches on a win and Brady credited “a great performance” by the defense against Thielen and everyone else in purple with making that happen.

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