The Captain Marvel toy line puts Goose the Cat in chains

Captain Marvel is the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s next film, and its first to feature a solo female hero. As with other Marvel movies, toy figures for eager children have been announced, with no lacking emphasis on badass Carol Danvers and her fantastic mohawk.

Heavily featured in the toy line is Carol’s cat Goose (named Chewie in the comics), who rides in her owner’s backpack and plods along side the Captain Marvel dolls like the loyal companion she is. Goose stole our hearts first with her Easter egg in the movie’s poster, and then again with her longer appearance in the second trailer.

But in addition to the various happy depictions of Goose, there’s a darker one.

There’s a Goose figure included with one of Nick Fury, not just of Captain Marvel. Except instead of happily purring and looking up at Fury with her big adoring eyes, Goose is chained-up.

They chained up the cat! Muzzle and handcuffs and paw-cuffs and everything! How dare they!


What did Goose do? Why is she being escorted by Nick Fury like she’s committed a heinous war crime? The product description doesn’t really offer any additional information, since it’s just listed as “Marvel Captain Marvel 6-inch Legends Nick Fury Figure,” without any mention of Goose at all.

We don’t know the reasons behind this unsettling depiction, but considering the cat’s comics equivalent is a ravenous alien creature known as a Flerkin, there may be something not-so-innocent behind Goose’s floofy tail.

The toy line will be available starting in 2019. Check out all the other sweet, less-disturbing merch below.

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