Rage 2 coming May 14, new trailer shows open world

First-person shooter Rage 2 got a new gameplay trailer at The Game Awards tonight, revealing how the action-heavy shooter has moved on from the original game’s gritty tones for a more colorful post-apocalypse. The game now has a release date of May 14.

The game’s over-the-top violence and tongue-in-cheek humor is a hallmark of developer Avalanche Studios, which is creating the game for publisher Bethesda. Avalanche recently completed Just Cause 4 for Square Enix, which was launched earlier this week, and this trailer definitely has a Just Cause creative-destructive vibe. The first Rage, released in 2010 to positive reception, was created by id Software, which is working on the sequel with Avalanche.

In Rage 2, players take on the role of a Mad Max-style ranger who fights a variety of mutants and lowlifes in a post-asteroid impact world. Various guns and weapons are available, but the most significant is a boomerang, known as the Wingstick. In the new gameplay footage, we get to see more weapons, vehicles, characters and locations.

Rage 2 is out on May 14, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and PlayStation 4. You can take a look at our QuakeCon gameplay impressions here. Trailer below.

Article credit: https://www.polygon.com/game-awards-tga/2018/12/6/18127579/rage-2-trailer-release-date-playstation-4-xbox-one-windows-pc-tga-2018