Jon Gruden explains illegal challenge flag thrown in Raiders-Chiefs

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ALAMEDA – Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce score a touchdown at the end of Sunday’s first half against the Raiders.

Jon Gruden didn’t think it was a catch. The head coach though the ground caused the ball to move, contrary to a replay decision that he was a legal reception and counted for six points.

Gruden knows full well that all plays within two minute are reviewed by officials in New York watching replays across the country. That’s doubly true for scoring plays, which are automatically review regardless of time left in the game or half.

Gruden threw the challenge flag anyway.

He got made fun of some on social media after the infraction, which cost the Raiders a first-half timeout with seven seconds left before the break.

Despite what it looked like, Gruden knows the rule. He knows the action wasn’t allowed, and he didn’t care.

He wasn’t asked about it after the 40-33 loss at Oakland Coliseum or in his Monday press conference, so he created his own lane late in the interview session when asked about Martavis Bryant returning from injury this season.

The full, amazing quote:

“I have no sense, common sense or sense on Bryant,” Gruden said. “I threw a challenge flag with seven seconds left. I knew exactly what I was doing, by the way. It wasn’t a very sens…ible. I want to challenge Al Riveron in New York City, because I had people in the press box telling me that was not a catch.

“Seeing plays overturned by someone you can’t even see…I thought, with three timeouts and seven seconds left, I’d use one of my timeouts to give Al a little extra time to look at that. But I knew exactly what I was doing.”

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