Dog Desperately Tries to Revive Friend Hit in Collision

Dog Desperately Tries to Revive Friend Hit in Collision

A dog desperately tries to revive its friend who was hit in a collision accident in this heartbreaking video filmed in the Philippines.

Lucky, aged 4, was playing with Brownie, aged 1, outside their home in Bulacan, the Philippines on November 3.

Brownie then ventured into the road and was struck by a passing white truck. The driver then sped away without stopping to check on the animal.

Lucky was the only one who tried to help – scampering over to the dying puppy and pacing anxiously around its body.

CCTV shows how the white van driver sped away and several other drivers ignored the plight of the dogs.

Neighbour Joel Cruz, whose security cameras recorded the incident, said: ”The dog belongs to my neighbour. They came round to say that their pet had been killed on the road and they wanted to know what happened.

”We checked the cameras and saw the van hit the poor dog. It was heartbreaking to see the accident and the owners were very upset. They could not understand why nobody else stopped to help.

”The only one who cared was the puppy’s older brother. Perhaps if people had stopped, they could have saved him.”

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