never think your life is hard

Never think your life is hard

do what i say not what i do

Do what I say not what I do…

face swap asian edition

Face Swap: Asian Edition

adventures of god life hack

Adventures of God: Life Hack

if it works it aint stupid

If it works, it ain't stupid

which horse is this

Which horse is this?

d give birth to you

D) Give birth to you

know the difference

Know the difference

a quiet evening in bremen

A quiet evening in Bremen

what is your belief

What is your belief?

yeah it works

Yeah, it works!

everything changed

Everything changed

rock paper

Rock paper

best car in the world

Best car in the world

the stock market

The Stock Market

im sorry

I'm sorry.

just lettin them know

Just lettin’ them know

best job ever

Best job ever!

just pronounce it dammit

Just pronounce it dammit.

daily routine

Daily routine

never ever go sailing at night

Never ever go sailing at night

he will be deeply pissed

He will be deeply pissed.

im a guy

I'm a guy

go on do it

Go on, do it

disown him

Disown Him

when pigs fly

When pigs fly

this but unironically

This, but unironically

amazing lutece twins cosplay

Amazing Lutece twins cosplay

got myself a new bike finally

Got myself a new bike finally