Around the NFC East: How the Eagles could (still) end the Jason Garrett Era

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So it all comes down to this; with a month left to go in the 2018 regular season, the defending Super Bowl Champion Eagles (just a friendly reminder) head to Dallas on a short week with the NFC East title essentially on the line.

Here’s what’s happened, and what’s happening, in the NFC East:

New York Giants (4-8)

ICYMI: In one of the weekends least-interesting surprises, the Giants cured Chase Daniel Fever in Chicago, beating the Bears in overtime, 30-27. The Giants season continues to feel like Netflix’s Marvel series; all the characters are still running around like things matter, when everyone in the audience already knows they’re canceled. 

Spin: The NFC’s Cleveland Browns have now eclipsed their win-percentage from 2017. SUCCESS! Best case scenario, they end the year on some semblance of a winning streak and get to spend the offseason talking about how they have “momentum.” Worst case scenario, they do just enough to prevent themselves from being able to draft a new quarterback, or play just well enough to convince themselves not to let Eli Manning go to Jacksonville.

What’s Next: The Giants slim playoff hopes go up against Mark Sanchez and Washington.

Washington (6-6)

ICYMI: The Mark Sanchez Revenge Game, it was not. Despite a disturbing 90-yard-run from 90-year-old Adrian Peterson, Washington’s top offensive weapon was held to under 100-yards rushing and Jay Gruden’s squad was slowly beaten into submission in Philly Monday Night, 28-13.

Spin: Welp, that’s a wrap. One year ago, an NFC East team lost their established starter and rode their back-up to a Super Bowl championship. You may have read about it. That’s not what’s happening in D.C.

To think, a month ago they were the NFC East favorites. Believing in them is like believing in thoracic outlet syndrome.

What’s Next: The Giants, like it matters. Washington’s biggest accomplishment this season will be adding evidence to the Colin Kaepernick Collusion case.

Dallas Cowboys (7-5)

ICYMI: We don’t need a new government report on climate change to know the world is falling apart; the Cowboys, whose season was sick and dying just under a month ago, ended the New Orleans ten-game winning streak and held the high-powered Saints offense to just ten stinkin’ points.

It was the biggest win for this franchise since 1996 (the same year Leighton Vander Esch was born). They’ve now won four in a row, a streak that started in Philadelphia… so really, this is on us.

Spin: The table is on tilt; ‘dem Boys can essentially clinch the division with a win at home, on ten days rest, against an opponent on a short week. RIGGED SYSTEM!

Even a loss to the Birds would still give Dallas a coin-flips chance of making the playoffs, either as the NFC East champs or as a Wild Card.  At this point, public perception would likely consider the Cowboys missing the playoffs a Romo-like collapse.

Which means that while the immediate stakes are higher for the Eagles, it’s the Cowboys that actually have a lot more to lose. Howie Roseman, Doug Pederson, Carson Wentz — they’ll all be here come 2019 no matter what happens on Sunday, or for the remainder of the season. The same can’t be said for either Jason Garrett or Dak Prescott.

What’s Next: The Beginning of the End of the Garrett Era.

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